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I did a sessions with Susanna, and she was able to help me deeply relax and dig back into my past to address some of the beginnings of my persistent anxiety. She is compassionate and competent. I highly recommend her!

Andy Motherland

I had an amazing experience with my very first hypnotherapy session with Susanna. I’ve been through several methods of therapy in the past but I had never experienced hypnotherapy before, and my session with Susanna made me absolutely fall in love with this method. She has such a warm and comforting energy about her that made it really easy for me to open up to her without judgement. She took me back to a memory that I had from childhood that as it turns out was the start of many painful related emotions that I was still carrying with me. With just one session, she really helped me become aware of how deeply rooted these feelings were and how to not only sit in the unpleasant emotions in a safe environment but to let them go when they no longer served me. She provided such a safe and welcoming atmosphere with her soothing voice and supportive tone. Her session provided some much needed catharsis and afterwards I felt at peace and ready to move forward. 10/10 I would recommend her to everyone I meet who is seeking therapy for any issue. I have confidence that Susanna could help anyone work through any challenges that life may bring.

Diane Long

I meet with Suzanna monthly and will continue to do so. She is kind, empathetic and most importantly non judgmental.

We started our work together weekly with the goal of helping with binge eating. Now as we meet monthly a lot of the focus has been around my anxiety. Susanna doesn’t give me answers she guides me to my own subconscious where all the answers are.

Years of mental health care and I have a block that doesn’t allow me to look at my past. I shut down.

With Suzanna she safely guides me into my subconscious. She is with me, helping and weeding through trauma to get to a comfortable spot.

Since working with Susanna I feel I have made huge improvement with my relationship with food. I am kinder to myself and my body.

We have done a couple inner child rescues that today help me be kind with myself, viewing myself as that child.

And then most recently we have worked a lot on anxiety (I’ve had my whole life.) Most recently this week she guided me (and my mind was pretty resistant with this one) to a time in my life where decision making led to huge consequences… and looking at that I am realizing my fear and anxiety over making job changes right now is based on that. But I am not a teenager anymore and I have a whole foundation of support. I was able to fully look at WHY I’m so anxious over job searching and have found so much comfort now FEELING it’s ok.

I did not seek out hyponothrapy, she personally shared with me how much it helped her and I was interested in trying. I am so very glad I gave it a chance because I found something that really works for me.


Marena Mohan.

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