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I'm Susanna. I grew up in Seattle and love it here. I have two partners and a wonderful five year old daughter. I love to paint,  play piano and sing, and am currently teaching myself how to play the ukulele. I am learning about foraging and have been spending more time outdoors in the past few years, I love the ocean. I am passionate about disability rights, queer issues, economic justice, and racial justice. I believe that healing individually helps us heal as a society, and am honored to be able to contribute to healing in my community.

My Story

I first learned about hypnotherapy five years ago while using a meditation app that had some self-hypnosis recordings. I mostly used them to help treat my own anxiety and depression, and sometimes for chronic pain as well. With recordings I just listened and let myself fall into an easy, natural trance, and I benefited a lot just from that. Pretty soon after I met my partner, Ben, who had learned hypnotherapy from his grandmother- a career hypnotherapist and teacher.  I found that hypnotherapy can be so much more than just listening; that you can actually speak while in trance, and the art of hypnosis can get right to the root of issues and heal them at the source.

To get really personal, I had a very chaotic and often traumatic upbringing and young adulthood. My family of origin passed on a lot of generational wounds, and I have spent the last decade healing them within myself to avoid passing the same things on to my own kid. I have struggled with mental health issues most of my life, and have done a lot of therapy as a client; various modalities and therapists to various effect. I can say that hypnotherapy has been the most effective modality for me personally, and that the limited studies that have been done on it show it tends to be extremely effective. I have been able to go and rescue my own inner child from dangerous and harmful situations, and bring them with me emotionally to the present. I have been able to let go of so much baggage and trauma through hypnotherapy. I live a happier, healthier, easier life because of this work. I would love to get the chance to share it with you, too.


I am not a psychologist and cannot diagnose mental health conditions, but I can help be part of a treatment plan. If you have tried the regular routes of treating mental illness and they aren't working as well as you'd hope, I can help with the emotional side of things and help improve your mental health. I cannot replace a psychiatrist or psychologist, and if you are severely struggling and have not seen a doctor, I will ask that you do so first before we start sessions. If you are just working through a difficult time or trying to improve your quality of life and don't have a diagnosed mental illness or signs of one, we can go ahead with a session. I look forward to working with you!

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