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How Can I be Sure Hypnotherapy is for Me?

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

I've never had a client who didn't get something out of a hypnotherapy session. It works better for some things than other things though.

The things it works best for that are also within my realm of experience and passion are;

- working with trauma triggers (a way you can tell if this is happening is if your feelings and/or reactions to something seem a lot larger than you'd expect from the situation you're in),

- healing emotional wounds left by a parent (or lack of parent),

- getting through creative blocks,

- finding self esteem,

- gaining a more positive body image,

- disrupting cycles of self-sabotage and building self-healing patterns instead,

- gender and sexuality, learning about the self, identity, and how to nurture oneself,

- dismantling systems of oppression that we carry within ourselves (internalized isms/phobias),

- working through how to get along with, or get away from, people who are harmful to us,

- transitions of all sorts; working to find a path when the future seems unclear,moving through challenging feelings, finding purpose,

- working with shame and guilt, moving them so they aren't stuck with us anymore, and opening that space for more useful feelings (guilt and especially shame tend to keep us from growing rather than inspiring us to),

- moving through grief and connecting with the parts of the people and animals whom we have lost that we still carry with us, positive or negative.

- parenting issues and how to break cycles of harm by learning to parent ourselves in order to better parent our children,

- quitting smoking,

- changing relationships with drugs, alcohol, food, sex, or other escapism/coping strategies.

- stress management,

- insomnia (a recorded session would be best for this so you can replay it whenever you want).

If what you are struggling with is on this list, I encourage you to book a session, If it's not but you're curious if hypnotherapy could help, please call (or text) me for a free consult at 360-485-0137.

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